Kinky Mistress

Interviewer: Please describe your fabulous dungeon.

Mistress Malinda: I have a great and extensively equipped play space for masochists who need an immersion experience. Each room is specially lit. The atmosphere is ready-made. One can get into roles simply by entering the room. Each room is unique and styled to accomodate different types of scenes. Some of My best equipment has been created for Me by many of My slaves who are quite talented at building things.

Interviewer: What are your favorite toys? Why?

Mistress Malinda: My current favorite is the English SchoolMistress. It is the implement of Six of the Best, Trousers Down fame, used for Taking Up delinquent schoolboys and girls throughout the British Empire.

Interviewer: Is there a message you would like to give to who would be “slaves?”

Mistress Malinda: A slave should never feel guilty or ashamed about their fetishes or fantasies, nor should they ever allow anyone else to make them feel guilty or shame. Some of us do accept you for who you are, and instead of allowing yourself to suffer alone and in misery over these fantasies, I implore you to seek out those who will accept you, and all that you are. I truly believe that real happiness begins with our own acceptance of ourselves.

Interviewer: Do you accept non-Caucasians and females as slaves?

Mistress Malinda: I accept all slaves, regardless of looks or gender. Good slaves to Me are those who worship Me and respect My every command. I am not at all concerned with their looks or gender. I make no exceptions, I rule out no one as a potential slave based upon color of skin or sex.

Interviewer: Speaking of sex, Mistress Malinda, what is your opinion of T.V.’s?

Mistress Malinda: I find the worship of T.V.’s towards Me as rather special. They obviously require a different kind of treatment. But I have a distinct fondness for them, owing to the fact that they are, in many ways, similar to Female Dominatrix, in that they are a minority. I very much enjoy commanding T.V.’s.

Interviewer: Slaves like to know about the woman who dominates the. What are your other interests?

Mistress Malinda: Ritual training, administering pain, designing/shopping for fetish wear, travel, theater, horsebackriding, photography, fencing, esoteric devices.

Interviewer: Do you have a certain trademark as a Mistress? If so, what is it?

Mistress Malinda: That I am extreme but safe at the same time. That I am a hardcore sadist but I am compassionate. I think I have earned a reputation for being sane about this crazy play we do.

Interviewer: Do you suffer from fetish fatigue?

Mistress Malinda: I try not to. Generally My other projects keep Me diverted. When I do feel like I have seen too much black leather I hide out in My office and wear cotton.

Interviewer: Tell me how you fit the definition of a Lifestyle Mistress?

Mistress Malinda: I feel that as a Dominant Woman I am entitled to receive pampering and homage from submissive men. When I say I’m Dominant, that has nothing to do with hurting, hating or degrading men. I naturaly choose to have men who wish to serve Me. This need to have D&S; in all aspects of My life grows stronger all the time. I have submissives work for Me because I feel I can’t do it alone. I need errand subs, houseworker subs, cooks, cleaners, projects. I run a large private facility and I like to have submissives who enjoy serving.

Interviewer: What kind of facilities do you have for crossdressers?

Mistress Malinda: I have a special ‘fem’ parlor. I have wigs and complete outfits. I stock a multitude of sizes. I have shoes, lingerie and corrective make-up. After the transformation, special slaves are treated to outings. It’s not unusual for Me to show up at fetish events with one of My passable fems. Sometimes I dress slaves up for purposes of public humiliation.

Interviewer: Tell us about your most severe punishment session?

Mistress Malinda: This particular slave was a masochistic pain sponge. He was convinced he could take a two hour caning. I caned him for an hour. He did not last the second. I shreded two canes. This is not something I’m looking for and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it – I’m only saying it as a story of how severe I can be.

Interviewer: What method do you use to turn your subjects into obedient slaves?

Mistress Malinda: I do ritual training. I have a mantra that I make My slave memorize for Me. They learn the following words: Mistress Malinda, Ultimate Mistress. i am trained and designed to obey and adore only You. i serve You completely in love without measure. my Goddess, You are my ultimate treasure.

My slaves must perform tasks when they are not with Me. This reminds them that even though they are not with Me, they are still Mine. Many slaves must ask permission to orgasm. Some are required to wear female undergarments under their regular clothes. If possible, I like to control everyday things like the brand of beverage they drink and cloths they use. I like insinuate Myself into their daily thoughts.

Interviewer: How can a potential slave get in touch with You?

Mistress Malinda: Book an appointment!

Interviewer: Do you have any last words of wisdom to share with our readers?

Mistress Malinda: To any submissive that comes to see Me for a session; just be fully aware that I truly love what I do and will do My best to make each and every scene the best one yet. I ONLY expect the most sincere, genuine, and TRUE submissives to serve Me.

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