Pervert World Parties

Question: Is the Kinky PervertWorld & BDSM Shows a members-only club?
Answer: Absolutely not! Our doors are open to anyone who is or wants to be part of the BDSM/Kinky scene.

Question: Is this a straight or gay club?
Answer: It’s an everything club. In fact, we are quite proud to say that no one really pays attention to labels of any kind. People just come in and enjoy the freedom and diversity that fetishism offers. Plus, we have just launched some new nights catering to specific groups/interests. See our Regular Evenings section.

Question: What kind of people go the Kinky PervertWorld & BDSM Shows?
Answer: Great people come to our place from all walks of life. These are people who are fun-loving and, when it comes to the scene, they are the real Macoy. On our weekend fetish evenings, the general age group is 25 to 45 years old, but we have a number of fabulous younger and older patrons – all sharing a common interest: fetishism in its full splendor. Some are hard-core BDSM players, others are fetishists in the purest sense. Lots of subservient slaves, doms, cross-dressers, artists, performers, freaks, glitter queens – creative, generous and, yes, generally happy people.

Question: Can we play/act out scenes at your place?
Answer: Yes, that’s why the Kinky PervertWorld & BDSM Shows exists. We have an equipped playroom and dungeon. We ask, however, that you bring your own implements, given the obvious health concerns of the day.

Question: Do you have a dress code? Why?
Answer: Yes, we have a dress code, which is strictly enforced. Our customers don’t like to feel as though they are on display for the titillation of those who are not really interested in experiencing fetishism. The dress code is our way of keeping the mood authentic and weeding out leering voyeurs – wankers – (not to be confused with the uninitiated) looking for a sleazy thrill.

Question: What is your dress code?
Answer: See our Dress Code Policy section.

Question: I don’t have anything fetish to wear and I can’t afford leather right now. Will you still let me in?
Answer: See our Dress Code Policy section.

Question: Can I get changed there?
Answer: Of course.

Question: Is my kind of fetish acceptable at your place?
Answer: Of course. A fetish is a fetish. Express and live whatever makes you trip.

Question: I’m a straight man who likes to wear women’s clothing. Are there others like me at your place?
Answer: Yup. As a matter of fact, this is the ideal place for you. It’s a safe, discreet and open-minded environment. Plus, I know a lot of women who love hot

Question: What is the ratio of men to women?
Answer: Like in most places, it’s usually 40% women, 60% men. But it can vary either way.

Question: I am very curious about BDSM/Kinkyism and would like to learn more, but I’m a little nervous. What can I expect if I visit the FF&C;?
Answer: First of all, there’s no need to be nervous. You should be excited about exploring your fantasy world. The Kinky PervertWorld & BDSM Shows was created to give people like you a safe place – safe in terms of your physical, emotional and psychological well-being – to express yourself and probe the more profound facets of your sexuality.

This is a friendly, no-pressure environment that offers you a lot of freedom to do practically anything you want (see PervertWorld Rules and Etiquette section). At the same time, you’re under no obligation to start up or participate in a scene. Relax, mingle, have a drink and get a feel for the place so you can decide what you want to get from it, and from fetishism.

If it’s your first visit, you will be given the grand tour and introduced around, if you so desire. The first room we call the parlor (bar/lounge area). From there, you move into the playroom, complete with medical room and all the expected equipment. Then, onto the harem and, last but not least, the more intimately lit dungeon.

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