Seductive Domination

Mischa walked the quiet halls of academia with fear. Not only was the college campus scary at night, her destination was frightening to the blonde coed as well. Why did Prof. Darianos want a meeting with her about her History 101 project? And why so late at night? Granted her work had been pretty poor, but she was having such a hard time adjusting to life after high school- away from the safe cocoon of home.
Back home, Mom had always done her laundry and cooked her meals. That left Mischa free to be an excellent student as well as a fairly popular teen age girl. She always hung out with a group of attractive young friends, boys and girls alike, but never had a steady boyfriend.

Perhaps that’s why she got so embarrassed and irritated when the other girls back at the dorm teased her about Prof. Darianos’ request for this late meeting. “You are so lucky,

Mischa, he’s the cutest professor on campus.” Squealed Sandy.

“Oh you’re so gross, he must be at least thirty if he’s a day,” drawled Telly, the big city sophisticate.

“I don’t care. Just thinking about how debonair he looks in that tweed jacket, compared to all the stupid young jocks in their T-shirts makes me wet! Sandy nastily laughed, “besides, I’d do anything to score an A in Bio.” Mischa quickly picked up her things and practically ran out of the dorm. She wasn’t used to the kind of vulgar talk the college girls used when they were alone.

Before she knew it she was at the door to his classroom. She took a deep breath, clutched her books to her chest tightly, and knocked timidly. After a few excruciating seconds, a voice answered, “Enter.”

As she opened the door and walked in she saw Prof. Darianos sitting at his desk working. His crisp white shirt sleeves were rolled up to reveal surprisingly muscular forearms covered with a sprinkling of black hairs.

The classroom looked so unfamiliar at night; she stood by the door undecidedly. “Ah, Mischa, good. Sit here by my desk, so we can go over your work together.” His voice even sounded different at night.

Sitting down she noticed a half -glass of Cabernet by the papers he was working on. “I notice you’re a bright girl and I hate to see you struggling so to keep your grades up. You need to be more disciplined.”

As he said this his strong right hand fell casually upon her thigh. As the hand alternately stroked and massaged her jean-clad thigh, he droned on about the importance of a well-rounded college experience. She could only faintly be aware of his words, though. Her focus was strictly on his masculine hand sending electricity from her groin to her stomach. He suddenly stood up and walked around behind her. “You have so much piled upon your young shoulders, I can feel the stress knotting you up.” She could only nod dumbly as he massaged her, causing her breasts to rise and fall as he pulled up and down on her shoulders and chest muscles. “You don’t even have time to do your laundry, do you?” Blushing, she remembered that she had been out of fresh bras, so she went without one. His hand slipped to the waist of her pink T-shirt and raised it up over her tits, exposing her flushed nipples. Her arms seemed to lift by themselves, allowing the Prof. to easily remove her shirt. She had never been topless in front of a man before, and also knew she couldn’t cover herself. He continued massaging her shoulders and adding a cupping of her tender breasts. Although she was a generous C-cup, they proudly stood at attention for him. The gentle pulling and pinching of her nipples caused an immediate wetness between her legs. He stood her up and undid her pants from behind.

His mouth was next to her ear, and she could hear his broken, manly breathing. “Perhaps you need to be taught a different ‘kind’ of lesson…one of discipline.” he whispered. Mischa was too scared to utter a sound. The jeans slid down, revealing a tight, round ass sheathed in white cotton panties.

With her pants around her ankles she was helpless. Prof. Darianos picked her up, sat her near naked bottom on the edge of the desk and with one violent sweep of his arm cleared all contents off his desk. He then hastily removed her shoes and jeans. Even with her panties still on, she had never felt so exposed. Here was a mature man, completely dressed, studying her body as if she were a specimen.

What happened next, Mischa was totally unprepared for. She had thought the prof. was attracted to her and wanted to have sex. She told herself the experience might even be good for her-to broaden her horizons. But when he flipped her over the desk, and began paddling her plump little bottom, she went in to shock!

All pretense of gentleness disappeared as his broad hand came down again and again, making her try to squirm away. This was futile though, as his other arm held her firmly in place. “You come in to my class day after day, then expect to get an ‘A’ by not wearing a bra and seducing me?” he said between swats, “I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget young lady.”

Mischa had never been spanked before in her life and was surprised that through the pain, she was getting excited. She tried to keep her thighs together so Prof. Darianos couldn’t see the wetness spreading on the crotch of her panties. But there was no hiding from him as he hoisted her bottom up for a better angle and discovered her shame. “What a dirty little girl you are!” he exclaimed. “We’ll just have to get rid of these now, won’t we?” With that, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her underpants and pulled them down over her reddening mounds. Leaving the offending panties around her knees, he opened a desk drawer and removed a wooden ruler. After making Mischa kiss the ruler, he brought it down her quivering ass globes repeatedly. She could hear it whistle through the air with each stroke.

“All right, I’ll only give you ten more if you promise to be a good girl and do your assignments,” he said. “Now count them off for me.”

“One…Two…,” Mischa could barely make her voice be heard through the pain. With each stroke the prof. was causing a red lash mark on her butt and thighs. For number 10, he drew his arm back as far as he could, and Mischa didn’t know how she’d ever be able to move again.

When the beating was complete, he ordered to pick up her books and waddle over to stand in the corner, panties now around her ankles. “Stand with your nose in the corner, and think about your transgressions while I finish grading these papers,” he snapped. As Mischa stood there in her humiliation, her stinging ass exposed, she could tell by the prof.’s ragged breathing, that he was doing more than just grading papers. She was pretty sure that with a few more private tutoring sessions, she could score an “A”.

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