Discipline and Obedience

The creak of the hinges on the wooden door, it slams closed behind you. The click of black stiletto heels on the damp stone floor draw near. In the darkness, you hear the crack of the Mistress’s whip. What will you have to endure? The road to pleasure is filled with pain, and in Pervert Worlds DUNGEON

Discipline, Obedience – a Slaves blind devotion to his Master:

  • Dominatrix Directory:Find out who’s tying up who, and where. Pervert World has the most complete directory of Mistresses–updated regularly.
  • Browse our Fetish Fashion Store:Leather thongs on firm asses, latex g-strings hiding between soft cheeks, PVC bustiers with warm engorged nipples underneath – Gimme two.
  • FREE CHATS WITH REAL MASTERS AND SLAVES! And Membership won’t just keep you locked in the Dungeon. You’ll also receive:
  • Health Beat: You’ve got to be in shape for what our Mistresses have in store for you. All EOL Members are entitled to Health Beat – all the latest information you need to stay mentally, physically and sexually fit. Don’t die of embarrassment – stay healthy with our links.
  • EROTIC STORIES: The shelves of EOL’s Erotic Library are filled with stories chronicling the greatest sexcapades going. TWO GIANT COLLECTIONS that include the sexual hijinks in the Dungeon as well as Shemales, Teen Lezzies, Horny Grannies and more. It’s the most cum you’ll ever have read.
  • JENNAVISION: Jenna Jameson is one of the hottest Adult Stars going. Jenna’s Motto:”Been There. Boned that.” Jenna’s not shy. That’s for sure. X-clusive to EOL– Jennavision, all her hot scenes for your viewing pleasure. Join today and become part of Jennavision.
  • Don’t miss the new premiere of DICKELODEON, Go back to the days of afros, mood rings and platform shoes, the golden age of Porn – the 70’s. Deep Throat, Behind The Green Door, The Devil in Miss Jones, these classics will keep you cumming back for more.
    All in our Dickelodeon theater and…
    Porn Yesterday: See the Stars of today in Porn of the past, Sly Stallone, Farrah Fawcett – who knows who else?
    Like the song says: “Put your dick in, in the Dickelodeon.”

The Dungeon, Live Chat with Slaves and Masters, Free Access to Our Worldwide Personal Ads, the Regularly Updated Dominatrix Directory, plus 80,000 other channels of Hardcore videos and galleries, all for just one pric – sound like a good deal? What are you waiting for? Ask you Mistress for permission to sign up!Join now and start your punishment today!

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