The House Of Domination

Dolly moved in to the Creepyville house when her parents decided to send her to private school in the Eastern Province. Her parents had known Dr. Creepyville since their school days and were much happier she would be living in a secure home rather than a dormitory. The doctor lived in an old manse on the fringe of town with his three boys, who were all about the same age as Dolly.
The room she stayed in was the old butler’s quarters, and it was almost completely separated from the main house itself, except for the hidden passage that made its way behind the entire home. There were not many rules in the house, save one. Dolly was never to be in any bedroom with any of his sons at any time.

That rule was broken not long after she moved in. Daniel, the oldest son, and she had to stay home, since they had been sick the week before and the doctor didn’t want them getting even more ill. The rest of the family went out sledding during a clear winter day. It started out innocent enough, but somewhere along the way they decided to play cards for clothes and finished the game in her room. It ended up in her losing much more than the game, her virginity.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Daniel meekly asked, his penis standing up and his voice shaking with anticipation. “I’ve never done this before, as you.”


“Yes, Daniel, let’s do it. It’s only natural, remember? This is what men and women do, and I’m sure it will feel incredible.” Without another word she took Daniel’s cock in her mouth, wetted it, and let him get on top for what would be a short, yet excruciating fuck. In the few seconds it took his young body to ejaculate, his cock felt like it was ripping through her. She screamed and screamed as he went in and out of her, and when he came, the saltiness burned her bloody muff. It did feel good, but the throbbing continued through the night, as did the bleeding. Daniel’s entire groin area was covered with virgin blood, and although the whole act took less than a minute, the thought was that she would bleed to death. They were sure they would be caught, but the doctor didn’t seem to notice the disheveled look on the two when he got home. The other boys found out though, and Dolly found herself learning about sex and boys from not just one young man, but three.

Nearly each day they would arrive home from their schools and the boys would take the secret passage to her room, where they would play a game of “ace”. It was a simple, quick game where the first one to find the ace in the deck would get to stay in the room with her as the other two would be ‘lookouts’ for the good doctor. It worked well, and Dolly was loving every minute of it, as were her lovers. If it turned out she found the ace, she would choose which one stayed with her, usually choosing the one that had been left out the longest. This had been going on for months, and they knew well enough that Michael, the middle boy, took her to a clinic well removed from his father’s clinic, to get birth control. James, the youngest, was always the bold one, fucking her in increasingly new, sleazy ways often. He did all sorts of little kinky things to Dolly, pushing the bounds of decency on her body. His favorite was to sneak back in to her room soon after Michael or Daniel already had her, and take seconds. She really loved that, but knew they were always pushing it close to when his father came home. She was being really lecherous, truly unbecoming of an upper class prep school girl, but the more perverse it got, the more often she came.

They really went over the top one weekend as the doctor was away for advanced training, breaking in to his liquor cabinet and fucking Dolly every time one of them got it up. She must have had each one four or five times during the day, and it wore them out completely. The horror of waking up with cum dripping out of her spread legs, two of the boys asleep with her, and the doctor in the doorway made her scream at the top of her lungs. She quickly covered herself, but there was no covering what they had been doing.

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