Inside The Pervert World

After attending several extraordinary fetish parties this past week, I’ve been pleasantly reminded through some playful punishment that a good whipping session is good for the soul. Yes that beautiful bum that I was blessed to wear was a little sore, but not any less than the front of me. Where am I going with all of this? Oh yes – I am reminded of this past weeks activities through the title of this week’s Fetish Feature.

The people who work hard to put together all the content at the Pervert World were kind enough to allow me access to the material in their member’s section, so that I may share my experience with all of you (my loyal readers!!) DO NOT be scared off by the “m” word just yet, my submissive slaves – this site does offer several free samples of the delicious content within. And, lucky for all of you that the Pervert World goes out of it’s way to find gratifying original and tasteful content focusing on the artistic side of BD/SM.

So what do they have to offer, you ask? Well, find answers to the questions you’ve longed to ask from Molly the Masochist (a real treat!), look for love and submission from the personals, chat with fellow fetish followers, watch some streaming videos, indulge in some hardcore and softcore erotic poetry, catch up on movie reviews, view an assortment of photos plus much more. Membership fees are nominal, and advertising is non-existant.

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